Writing on the Go: Reactions

I’m usually very organized, but for some reason, I’m all over the place right now juggling work and preparing for my trip on Thursday. But I had to take a few moments to share some quick thoughts on some adoptee-related news:

On the Death of Phillip Clay. This week the following message circulated among the Korean adoptee community: “Phillip Clay, a Korean American adoptee, who was deported back to Korea in 2012, was found dead on Sunday (21st) around 11:40 PM outside of an apartment building in Ilsan downtown which was about 35 minutes away (by bus) from his place. CCTV shows that he was alone in the elevator when he went up to the 14th floor from where he jumped. His American adoptive parents as well as the US embassy have been informed.”

Everything about this is tragic, and it brings to light the laws that allow the deportation of adult adoptees back to their countries of birth, countries and cultures they do not know but are forced to live in because they were never naturalized as a children. I have enough thoughts to write a complete post on this topic, but right now not enough time, so I will say this about Phillip’s situation: This is the result of negligent adoptive parenting, plain and simple, and such cases should be shown more leniency by the law. Whatever your views are on US immigration policy overall, this is one issue that should raise immediate red flags. (The story of Adam Crasper only further highlighted this very real problem.)

On (Korean) adoptees promoting increased international adoption. This is a controversial topic within the adoptee world as there is already a very vocal movement among adoptees to pressure the Korean government to do more to encourage domestic adoptions or provide more support to single mothers in an effort to reduce the country’s rate of overseas adoptions. I have my own thoughts on the issue and frankly speaking, the topic is not as clear-cut as some would like to make you think it is. More on that in a future post—here is an interesting article on one adoptee advocating to make international adoption a more viable option for Korean orphans. Do check it out as she has a very interesting job.

In personal news, I am flying out on Thursday, arriving in Seoul on Friday, God willing. I’ll post as I am able to from Korea. In the meantime, God bless and be safe. It’s a complicated world out there.


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