Spring 2017

I’m resurrecting this blog.

Embarrassingly, two years after I started this, a lot has happened. Not all of it ideal. And those less-than-ideal moments became obstacles in my creative life. The “journey” was temporarily suspended as I worked to figure out some hard core “adulting” issues. (Work-life balance, financial planning, housing and work stability, relationship lessons, and planning for the future…)

But things are good now. In fact, personally, life has taken a drastic turn in the right direction, and I don’t foresee that changing anytime soon for the most part. And for that, I am so, so grateful.

Also, since I last updated this blog years ago, something big has happened in my life. I now have in my possession a two-way ticket to South Korea—my birth country. It will be my first trip back in 10 years. I will spend most of my time in Seoul where I will stay with another Korean-American adoptee friend who is working in the military intelligence field and living in Seoul with his wife and young son. And I will then spend two days in Busan, Korea’s second-largest city, exploring old haunts and reconnecting with old friends. This may be my the last trip I ever make to my birth country given the cost and amount of time I have taken off work in order to make this worth the visit, so I plan to really enjoy this upcoming trip and also do some personal investigating into Korea’s adoption scene.

I will leave in late May, but there is still much I must do to prepare. There are places I want to visit, people I want to interview, and an itinerary I need to confirm. But it will all be good.

So I’m firing up this blog again. I’ll be doing some redesigning (don’t be alarmed) but will also start adding new content. The big trip may be more than a month away, but there is still so much to discuss about my personal journey in coming to terms with being an international adoptee, something I have always considered to be a blessing, but a blessing with some complexities worth further exploring.

So thank you for following along. If anything, it will be an intellectual and emotional adventure.

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