Let’s Talk about Adoption

My boyfriend recently bought a new car – a black Toyota Scion. Needless to say, he loves it. In fact, overtime we go out for a ride, he points out other Scions he sees on the road. One day, he proudly declared to him that he is indeed a trend-setter. “It’s like right after I bought my Scion, everyone else did the same thing,” he exclaimed.

While I certainly won’t challenge him on being a trend-setter, I think deep down inside he believes what I believe — his decision to buy a certain type of car didn’t spark a national movement. It simply created in him a greater sense of awareness of those within his environment.

It’s like what my pregnant girlfriends used to say. During their first pregnancy, they suddenly noticed more pregnant women within their lives compared to before they conceived. Again, certain circumstances create it us greater awareness of our surroundings and those in it.

So maybe it’s the same thing with me and the topic of adoption. Ever since I embarked on this project to write about adoption stories, I’ve suddenly noticed more and more people openly talking about it. Sometimes people I have never witnessed speaking about it before.

I have friends and acquaintances who are adopting, friends who are advocating on behalf of other friends who want to adopt, and more and more open conversation on and offline about adoption. Maybe these discussions were always taking place. Or maybe they would have taken place without my work in the area, but they would have gone unnoticed by me.

Whatever it is, my world has suddenly opened up to the greater dialogue surrounding adoption and the joys it can bring. Let’s keep the discussion going. America’s demographics are changing constantly. We are becoming blended families, combined families and diverse families, sometimes through adoption and sometimes through other means. Still, it’s a beautiful thing to see. I hope I don’t ever lose this perspective, even after my work in this issue area comes to a end.

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